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The eSeller Cloud platform delivers a solid scalable and flexible infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure, SQL and .NET.

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Standard eSeller Cloud offers a wide range of features and functions. This makes it possible to get a competitive webshop without having to code all sorts of things from scratch. The individual modules only has to be configures in the admin or through data interation with the ERP system. Multiple times a year the webshop is automatically updated with new modules. Read more about the functionality here.

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The placement of our platform is on Microsoft Azure and a close cooperation with security experts ensures you can sleep soundly at night. The security updates are automatically applied during service windows.

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Avoid the webshop growth trap – Understand the processes

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Many companies who start e-commerce in the beginning focus only on the sales and marketing of the web shop. 90% of the effort is used on the design, affiliates, and SEO areas, and when the sales really speed up they have to work around the clock and often suffer from errors in picking orders, stock levels, and delivery times. Webshop digitization and focus on the value chain is the key to success.

While it is good to work many hours if you like it and enjoy your work, it is less enjoyable if it is chaoticly trying to deal with issues caused by the many manual routines and mishandling of deliveries.

The companies who understand how to create scalable buisness models are the ones who continue being praised by their customers for good customer service and quick/correct delivery – dispite their order quantities in periods vary with many hundreds percent daily. The right systems and how they are integrated means the world when the order quantities pass a certain level. The integration of ERP and e-Commerce is more important now than ever when talking about scalable webshops.

For this reason receiving goods and quick registration, as well as picking systems and logical integration, are vital for your success. If the work load always has to be solved by employees putting in expensive overtime, the profit can quickly disappear and you have become extremely vulnerable in a market where price is often the critical factor.

Identify your administatively weak points and create a plan for webshop digitization in those areas. This is the future if you are to to continue the growth and not end up like a one-day wonder in the e-commerce industry.

Relevant focus areas:

Receiving goods, is it quick and effective enough

  • Automatic purchase suggestions based on stock levels
  • Picking of products, as well as stock routes
  • Integration to ERP
  • Logistic 3 part system
  • Shipment calculation

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