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The eSeller Cloud platform delivers a solid scalable and flexible infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure, SQL and .NET.

Features and functions

Standard eSeller Cloud offers a wide range of features and functions. This makes it possible to get a competitive webshop without having to code all sorts of things from scratch. The individual modules only has to be configures in the admin or through data interation with the ERP system. Multiple times a year the webshop is automatically updated with new modules. Read more about the functionality here.

Secure and reliable

The placement of our platform is on Microsoft Azure and a close cooperation with security experts ensures you can sleep soundly at night. The security updates are automatically applied during service windows.

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Design and development

Starting with a business oriented focus we develop webdesigns, which are contemporary, user friendly and can be felt on the bottom line

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The visual user interface is the starting point for strong digital solutions

Our starting point is digital, both commercially and technologically, this ensures that your visual solutions does not only have a nice exterior. They are also thought through in regard to usability and performance. Futhermore, our digital solutions help strengthen your current identity.


User behaviour

Our visual solutions is based on the newest knowledge, both in regards to the user's behaviour and how the development evolves

We always approach new trends critically and only select the ones which help create business and provides more value for you and your customers.

Our foundation is knowledge based. This means that you though a thourough insight into your target group, their purchasing patterns and digital movement patterns and needs develop a design, which in the best way possible supports both the need you have to sell your products or services and your customers’ needs to find and do business with your company.


Responsive design

No matter what device your users access your webshop on, your solution has to be fully optimised. This ensures an optimal digital experience for you customers and the completion of a smooth purchasing procedure.

More than a third of the visitors today use a mobile device and this number is increasing. This set new demands for hvor your webshop is set up and presented. And for how your customer’s expectations are, as they expect to be able to access your webshop from both their desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. This is where responsive design comes to the rescue and provides us with the toolbox, which makes it possible to solve the challenges in the best way imaginable. We have added this entire process to our design and front end development, so we can guantee the best possible solution for you on all devices.

A lot of our customers have already chosen a responsive webdesign solution, this includes Fleggaard, Davidsen, Klingspor, G4S, Netspiren, and Frishop.

eSeller webshops

Web design is a discipline of its own

Digital design requires a deep understanding of both design and technology

There are many challenges which needs to be taken into account: Different screen resolutions and browsers, multiple platforms, user behaviour, etc. These elements have to be combined to create a high usability, support of many different functions, and the visual identity is kept throughout the entire webshop.

Our starting point is to create a light and simple webshop, which is both easy and intuitive to use, and where your products are in focus. Ultimately it is about selling your products, and making the journey through your webshop so welcoming that the customer returns.


Our process

We take pride in understanding your business and your customers, as this is the foundation for a professional and user friendly webshop solution

With that in mind we often begin our projects with a workshop, where we go through you business, your expectations, your wishes, and your customers, their needs, and behaviour.


Our process is divided into 7 areas

  1. Workshop
  2. Design
  3. Review and adjustment
  4. Final design
  5. Frontend development
  6. Review and adjustment
  7. Delivery of design and frontend

Scancommerce's design process

Contact us if you want to learn more about the possibility of having your webshop designed.

Among others, we have completed design tasks for: