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The eSeller Cloud platform delivers a solid scalable and flexible infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure, SQL and .NET.

Features and functions

Standard eSeller Cloud offers a wide range of features and functions. This makes it possible to get a competitive webshop without having to code all sorts of things from scratch. The individual modules only has to be configures in the admin or through data interation with the ERP system. Multiple times a year the webshop is automatically updated with new modules. Read more about the functionality here.

Secure and reliable

The placement of our platform is on Microsoft Azure and a close cooperation with security experts ensures you can sleep soundly at night. The security updates are automatically applied during service windows.

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Why personalisation will be needed to increase the sales in your webshop

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Like so many other finesses, “personalisation” is on its way to become a necessity for webshop owners. The combination of more competitors and many products in the shop makes it a necessity to grab the visiors’ interest faster than ever before. The average visitor might have to see 5% of your products at the most. This is why it is important that they are presented with relevant products (personalisation) beyond their own searches. Each customer has their own unique profile and personalisation makes it possible to target the offers to the webshop customer even more.


By using personalisation in your you web ship you get, among others,

  • Focus on more products in your assortment (the same offer is not shown every time)
  • A better experience for the customer
  • Larger average order size and thus increased revenue
  • Possibility of creating intelligent e-mail campaigns (Requires that your Direct Mail software can handle this)
  • Less work with opdating related products
  • Better conversion rates


Possiblities with personalisation

The possibilities are very great, but we reccomend you begin with the low-hanging fruit, which does not require project work. This is typically the following functions:
Mulighederne er meget store, men vi anbefaler at du starter med de lavthængende frugter der ikke kræver projektarbejde. Dette er typisk følgende funktioner:

  • Related views
  • Similar product views
  • Top selling in category
  • Overall top selling
  • Trending products
  • Products you have looked at
  • Most relevant products for the indiviual user


A necessary prerequisite

Data is vital for the quality of your webshop personalisation, therefore it is a good idea to get the software to track your data well in advance before it has to be used. This ensure good valid reccomendations in your webshop, and thus good customer experiences. So to optimise the experience for your customers who have a limited time for your webshop we reccomend you use personalisation. It is possible to import previous orders to the system can analyse these and generate further customer knowledge.

We have modules depending on needs and economy, contact the sales department to learn more about what we can do for you. Read more about eSeller bu clicking the link – webshop.



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